Thursday, August 3rd

Protest tonight in front of EWEB – 500 East 4th Ave Eugene. Gather from 4:30 pm on. Bring signs. If enough people show up some of us will stand near Ferry St. Bridge for visibility. Executive Board meeting starts at 5 pm. Agenda says: public board meeting starts at 5:30 with public testimony at 6 pm.

Can’t make it? No problem! Get involved online:

Please contact EWEB and OUR ELECTED LOCAL LEADERS and let them know of our serious concerns about plans to destroy the EWEB forest. | Read our Talking Points flyer (PDF)

  • Sign our online petition demanding a public hearing on EWEB’s construction plans!
  • Write to the EWEB Commissioners: You can message all five commissioners simultaneously by going to this website and letting them know of your concerns. ALSO, call EWEB Commissioner John Barofsky: 541-685-7719.
  • Send an email to all city leaders (Mayor, all City Councilors and the City Manager) at once: Use this email address:
  • Lane County Commissioners->>
    You can email all of the commissioners by using this email address:
  • Consider making a tax-deductible donation in support of our effort by sending checks to “Eugene PeaceWorks” for the Save the EWEB Forest project, and mail it to: P.O. Box 11182, Eugene, OR 97440.
  • Share this page and the urgency of the issue with family and friends.


THANK TO ALL THOSE WHO JOINED US!! We will be contacting you with information about next steps in the campaign and how you can continue to support the work!

Save the EWEB Forest Full Moon Rally

WHAT: Save The EWEB Forest Full Moon Rally hosted by organizers of “Save EWEB Forest” and their supporters

WHEN: Friday, July 23rd, 6 pm

WHERE: in the meadow just north of the urban forest known as the EWEB Forest.

Find out how you can get involved to influence EWEB Commissioners and help stop the chainsaws. Meet the organizers. We have plans for acoustic music. Bring your favorite tree appreciation poetry or prose to share. We will also make space for sharing with each other what this forest means to you.

DIRECTIONS: Please review directions and parking options (PDF)

See key below…


Entry to Friday Evening Event at Forest
1) One house east of Ferry on south side of 40th, turn south into grass thruway – past chain between two rocks, continue on grass thruway on other side.
2) When arriving at grass meadow in oak stands, turn slightly to left and go diagonally on pathway leading toward top of hill and conifer forest. We should be there somewhere on top. We will also have someone there to direct folks.

Parking Locales
3) Several parking spots are usually available on 39th Place north of 40th – both sides.
4) Ferry Street south of 40th has 1 or 2 spots on east side of street.
5) If those places do not work, park in Safeway parking lot at 40th and Donald. There are spots right on 40th in front of Edgewood Animal Clinic, but do not park near clinic – but near sidewalk near SW corner of 40th and Donald. They may have 24-hour vet services and we should not be

**Do NOT park in the Saraha Buddhist Institute parking lot on NW corner of 40th and 39th Place. The same goes for the apartments to south of 40th and the old Umpqua Bank building on SE corner of 40th and Donald. The Saraha will tow your car – possibly same for other locales. | Save EWEB Forest on Facebook | Sign up for our Action Alerts!
Sign our online petition demanding a public hearing on EWEB’s construction plans!

The views expressed on this website encompass a variety of perspectives. Some may embrace a more traditional conservative view of the issue, others may be more progressive and come to the issue from a primarily environmental perspective. We hope that those who become involved in the cause will adhere to the principles of peaceful protest and non-violence. That is a minimum for those who wish to have their views appear in blogs or on the Inspiration page. The views expressed on those two pages are not necessarily those of the organizers of Save EWEB Forest, as we are a loosely affiliated group.